90 Degree Right Angle Small Mini Micro Bevel Gearbox

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90 Degree Right Angle Small Mini Micro Bevel Gearbox

A bevel gearbox is a device used to transmit and split/distribute the power of a singular rotating mechanical drive shaft through a defined angle, typically 90°.

90-Degree Small Gearbox Advantage:

1. Advanced facilities ensure top quality, over 200 sets high precision CNC machines,20 hobbing machines, Zeiss testing machine tolerance 0.001mm.
2. Same/Better quality with Germany, USA
3. Over 30 sets 5 axis CNC from Germany and Japan
4. Certificate: ISO9001:13485,TS16949,AS1900
5. 100% guarantee quality and lead time.

90-Degree Small Gearbox Specification:

Automation Capabilities Continuous Machining
Material(Metals) Alloy Steels/Aluminum/Brass/Bronze Alloys
Carbon Steel/Copper/Stainless Steel/Tool Steel
Cold Rolled Steel/Bearing Steel
Material(Plastic Polymers)
Processes(Special Capabilities) Broaching/Hobbing/Slotting
Tolerance ±0.0002 in

How Does Bevel Gearbox Work?

Bevel gearboxes are the best choice when the drive line needs to be diverted from a single motor or to power multiple devices. For example, a set of driven rollers on an automobile assembly line, each connected to the main drive shaft at a 90-degree Angle via a bevel gearbox, all driven by a single motor.

Bevel gearboxes are also well suited for screw jack systems, where power jacks can mechanically transfer power from a single motor to multiple screw jacks through a drive shaft and a bevel gear box.

Bevel Gearbox Maintenance:

Our bevel gear transmissions are known for their extremely long service life. Our motto is “Customer first.” Even so, our bevel gearboxes should be inspected and serviced regularly. Depending on the type of oil, the oil must be changed after a certain working period. Worn parts such as seals and bearings may also need to be replaced after long periods of operation. Real parts and proper lubricants can be purchased from us.