BGB9 Lawn Mower Agricultural Bevel Gearbox

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BGB9 Lawn Mower Agricultural Bevel Gearbox

We have a wide selection of transmissions for you to choose from. We can produce according to your drawings or samples to meet your special requirements
1. High output torque
2. Safe, reliable, economical, and durable
3. Smooth transmission, quiet operation
4. Strong bearing capacity
5. Highly modular design, a convenient configuration of various external power inputs. The same model can be equipped with various power motors. Easy to realize the combination of various types of connection

Bevel Gearbox Specification:

ITEM EP-BGB9 Lawn mower gearbox
Ratio 1:1 / 1:1.35 / 1:1.46 / 1:2
Teeth 16/16  23/17  22/15 15/30
Module 6.35 /  5.0 / 5.0 / 3.5
Power(HP) 30
Rated Input 540rpm
Input/Output description 1 3/8 Z6 13/8 Z6 OPtic axis
Weight(N.W) 23Kg


Bevel Gearbox Spare Parts

An extremely long service life particularly characterizes our gearboxes. However, if individual components are overloaded or fail due to wear and tear, or if wearable items such as seals or bearings need to be replaced, we are happy to provide you with the relevant spare parts. No matter how old the gearbox is, we guarantee a sufficient supply of spare parts – delivery times depend on whether the components are in stock or appropriately produced.